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Updated: Jun 13, 2018

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce the first PIF newsletter.  We plan to publish these once per quarter, focused on the following topics:  a message from Partners, the Founder’s Corner, an interview with a CEO, an emergent research topic, and when appropriate, a spotlight on innovative new models that we find intriguing outside 

of Partners.  We plan to focus these articles around the significant challenge of the day, namely how best to bridge the creative ideas emergent from academia to industry, whether they are diagnostics devices, digital or drugs.  

Over 3,500 Partners’ investigators, from Brigham and Women’s, Mass General, Mass Eye and Ear, and McLean generate new target insights every year, often driven through first-hand experience with patients and then woven into a testable hypothesis in their labs.  As the venture fund from these hospitals, the Partners Innovation Fund (PIF) is committed to bringing these ideas into the commercial setting through the creation of new companies.

Much of this newsletter is focused internally on connecting with founders and investigators who come up with these great ideas.  But we also hope that individuals outside of Partners may find it interesting.  We welcome fellow entrepreneurs, collaborative corporate and institutional venture capitalists, potential partners in pharma and other industries, and other academic institutions.  We would also embrace ideas for further insights into how we can all improve the ecosystem, in particular, to shine a light on models that you have found attractive in moving from idea to product.

This quarter, you’ll hear from a Founder about his experiences in creating an improved anesthetic with Annovation, a CEO whose life and philosophy have been building up to the creation of Keros, and a founder/CEO whose patient advocacy efforts led to a message for all who are thinking of starting companies focused on rare diseases. With humility, and with the hope that this newsletter provides on occasion thought-provoking and even catalytic insights, we at PIF look forward to sharing thoughts from Partners on new company creation.  Let’s together think harder about how to enable great ideas to reach the light of day.

Roger Kitterman

Vice President, Venture

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